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The Company

BST identifies and develops business for companies based abroad that are interested in the brazilian market and conducts business for brazilian companies wishing to conduct business in international markets.

Works in the hiring of external financing in developing and implementing special projects for funding by bndes (national bank of social development) and with the international financial organizations, and be prepared to request information under special schemes such as, for example, classified as "draw back system."

BST offers clients a diverse range of services and solutions, operating in different quadrants of each process, starting from consulting to seeking markets for a particular product or service, passing by the location and careful evaluation of customer / supplier internationally, and as the product to be imported / exported. The advisory also includes analysis and pricing, logistics and distribution channels, business strategy, development of communication and business model.

From the definition of foreign trade operations, our professionals work in the processing of issuing of the order of import / export, insurance policies nationally and internationally, negotiating domestic and international freight, closing streets for transportation of goods, storage and inpeção , customs clearance, closing exchange, loading, unloading and all the procedures involved and required a process of import or export

BST has been working with international business for over the last 20 years developing businesses, international logistics, as sea freight, distribution channels, wholesale and retail strategies; strategic market prospection, commercial strategies, international franchising and action plans, feasibility analysis, business plans and international branding, exporting a wide range of material and products and representing some very